Conventional and Modern Biotechnology

Biotechnology may already no stranger on the ears of today’s society. Although this term among lay people may be just in the canals, but can not be deny if biotechnology is already in the process of doing since long ago.

Although the application is still limited to biotechnology that is still very simple. Biotechnology is now already very developed quite rapidly. In fact, in some aspects the fulfillment of life need, biotechnology became a series of processes is very important. In this case the benefits of biotechnology to human life in the versatile modern era who already can not deny again.

Next, you need to know that a discussion of biotechnology is indeed quite interesting so much attention that look it. Therefore, if you are still not much acquainted with the various aspects of these terms, you should immediately start learning. While further reviews with biotechnology, can be see in the following reviews.

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Biotechnology Definition

Learn about the fields of biotechnology, the first thing that is important to in the know is none other than understanding. This is rare in biotechnology usually know the definition to be exact so you should know in advance. And this time will be discussed briefly about what was in the intent with biotechnology is at once different types.

With regard to the understanding, in this case defines biotechnology as mean utilization engineering on some aspect of life, like a living thing, system, or biological process. The goal is to produce and improve the potential of living beings. Own, biotechnology designed to make it easier to meet human needs.

Know more about bioteknlogi, in this case you need to know that there are two types of such processes. The first is the biotechnology and biotechnology are conventionally modern. In this modern biotechnology is of course more complicated. As for the conventional ones are still mediocre.

Modern Biotechnology And Examples

Before getting to know the conventional advance of biotechnology will be discussed about modern biotechnology. The type of this one is that many in use today. While the two important aspects that you should know about him is what his understanding and what is simply put.

What is modern biotechnology?

Modern biotechnology is biotechnology that currently many apply. has so far not all using modern biotechnology. However, given the technological sophistication, the class of the great factories, of course already use it. However, it can not be deny also that the initial capital for this type of biotechnology is quite large.

Usually that much use of modern biotechnology is still rural areas or developing countries. In this case, if you are quite advanced technology, choose the modern biotechnology course would be better. The reason is that, despite the huge investment, the use of this type will be make high profits in the industrialized world.

Examples of modern biotechnology

One example of this modern biotechnology is tissue culture in animals or plants. For large scale, the use of this technique is very effective and fast. Even the result also will be remembered at the very maximum of multiply since originally was a high level of seeds of excellence. Even the quantity could eventually doubled in thousands of.

In addition to tissue culture, other examples of modern biotechnology is insulin treatment. This technique makes the treatment more quickly and more easily. If used to get insulin must sacrifice many animals, after the temukannya genes in biotechnology engineering, so diabetics can get insulin for treatment very easily.

Conventional Biotechnology And Example

After learning about various aspects of modern biotechnology, it is time to turn to the discussion of conventional biotechnology. What will be discussed here is still the same as the previous type. That includes what conventional biotechnology is and simple examples

What is conventional biotechnology?

As the name implies, conventional biotechnology is nothing but engineering in the process of biotechnology that is still traditional. In this case the process utilizes microbes and other biological agents to fulfill various human needs. Currently this type of biotechnology is still used for several aspects. However, many have also been replaced with modern ones

Examples of conventional biotechnology

There are many examples for this conventional biotechnology. In fact, many of these products can be found in your home kitchen. One of them is yogurt which is a result of fermentation from milk using streptococcus termophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus. Well, if the milk is thick and sour, then become yogurt.

An example of conventional biotechnology is nothing but cheese. Still the same as yogurt, in this case cheese also comes from milk. As for fermentation, cheese uses several bacteria in the form of lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus lactis, and propioni bacterium. But this type of bacteria is not a benchmark because many other bacteria are also often used for cheese.

Apart from the two examples above, it turns out soy sauce is also one example of conventional biotechnology. In general, soy sauce comes from fermented soybeans. But of course it’s different from tempe. In this case soybean fermentation is made into soy sauce using fungi or fungi with Rizhopus oligosporus and rhizopus stolonifer types.

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